Success Stories

Hazel's Story

Meet Hazel, 66 years old from Selsey. Before joining Witterings Fitness Hazel was struggling with everyday things such as the house work, getting up and down the stairs and playing with her grandkids.

Hazel knew she needed change but was worried about not fitting in or keeping up with others. Until she found WITTFIT. Hazel quite quickly learnt that everyone is welcome not matter what shape, size or manoeuvrability you have got.

Now Hazel doesn’t have to think twice before doing things and feels seen again. She comes 3 times a week and the sessions are often the highlight of her week and what she looks forward to.

Yvonne's Story

Meet Yvonne, wife, mum of 4, business owner and much more. After completing our 6 Week Foundation Programme she feels like a completely new woman.

Before joining she struggled with a very high cholesterol and very high blood sugar levels and heart conditions that run in the family. So she decided to do something about it and joined up to make a difference to her life.

Since joining her stress levels have gone down and she’s become better at making important decisions. She’s become a better boss, mum and wife. She’s even got her husband to join her as a member now and often work out together.

Mary's Story

Meet Mary. During Lockdown Mary lost control of her eating habits and started to not feel like herself. Since completing our 6 Week Foundation Programme it’s changed her mindset, given her more energy and feels motivated again. Not to mention her clothes fit better!

She never thought the mixed ability classes would work. But was shocked at how well it works and the results she got. She loves the fact that no one judges or cares what you look like or your ability. Everyone is just there to work out and work on themselves.

To Mary the 6 Week course is invaluable and worth every investment. The staff and motivation you get are amazing. It’s not like your regular public gym; the extras you get here like mindset and nutrition make this far superior.


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