Why WITTFIT Are Doing A 40 Day No Sugar Challenge

Posted on 16th February 2023

Why is Witterings Fitness running a 40 day No Sugar Charity Challenge for our local community? The nation's escalating obesity crisis and lifestyle diseases like Type-2 Diabetes are putting the NHS under extreme pressure, and reducing quality of life. While the causes of obesity and Type-2 diabetes are varied, altering our diets is the single best thing we can do to heal ourselves, and it's in our control. We want to show people that by cutting out refined sugar, which carries no nutritional benefit, they can improve their mood and energy levels, and protect themselves from disease. This challenge will change peoples' lives and raise money for the Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation to help people living with diabetes.

The challenge is to go 40 days without refined sugar or processed foods containing refined sugar. This includes, chocolate, pastries, biscuits, cakes, most processed meals and snacks, but also things like dried fruit, fruit juice and honey. Fresh wholefood sources of sugar like fruits and vegetables are encouraged and are essential in a balanced diet.

We're providing coaching and support across the 40 days and rewarding you with prizes for 10, 20, 30 and 40 day streaks. There's no charge to take part but we suggest a donation of £40, just a pound per day. Give what you can afford and help yourself lose weight, feel better and move past energy crashes and cravings.

The challenge starts Wednesday 22nd February and ends at Easter. You never know, you might not want a chocolate egg at the end of it! Sign up now to join the online support group, learning more about how sugar affects you and how you can reduce refined sugar in your diet to feel and look better.

Find out more and learn how to sign up by clicking here

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