What you need to know about keeping fit over 60..

Posted on 6th March 2023

Keeping fit over 60 comes with it a couple of additional considerations, BUT it doesn't mean that you cant or shouldn't keep fit! If anything it is more important now than ever. Lets face it, some of our friends and family have got seriously ill at this time in their lives and it is not a pretty sight.

We have plenty of members who are in their later years, some of whom have started their fitness journey for the first time in their lives. So here are a few considerations if you are getting back into the swing of things or you are starting fitness for the first time

1. Speak with the Doc: I know this is pretty standard advice for anyone who is starting a fitness programme, but you are probably on all kinds of medications. Check in with the doc and make sure you know what they are and how getting fitter and heather might affect you and the medication you are on. As you get fitter your doctor SHOULD review your medication and reduce the dosages or even get you off them all together, depending on the medication.

2. Keep moving: Even if it's just walking around your home or garden, try to stay as active as you can throughout the day. In addition to a well structured strength and cardio regime led by an experienced professional increasing your general daily activity is important to making sure you do not seize up throughout the day.

3. Strength training: To keep muscle mass and strength, perform strength-training exercises at least 2-3 times per week. We highly recommend finding a professional near you who can show you these exercises properly. Do you research and read reviews about the people you plan on working with, because it doesn't matter how lovely someone is (also important) what you really need it the right technique and to stay safe. If you are being adjust a lot during your session this is a good sign, unless you are good enough to no longer require any adjustments.

4. Start easy and Low-impact: Particularly important as you start your programme, include some additional low-impact exercises in your regimen, such as yoga, cycling, and swimming. Most gym based exercises you will do can be adapted so they are low impact.

5. Stop Static Stretching: Flexibility and mobility is important, but so it stability. 'Static Stretching' is old school and has been proven to INCREASE injury! Think of your muscles as a (slightly older) elastic band, if you hold that band in a lengthened position for a long time it becomes longer... but also more brittle. Now imagine you pull the elastic band gently but repetitively and as it gets warm you start pushing the boundaries a bit more. Now you are improving your flexibility but in a 'dynamic' way. Stability exercises such as balancing are also great to keep your balance and avoid injury from simply falling over!

6. Balanced diet: You know it, I know it eating a healthy balanced diet is very important. But what is a healthy balanced diet? Lets keep it really simple. Booze every night is a problem. Sugar at most meals or as snacks throughout the day is also a problem. Increase lean high quality sources of protein, healthy fats (yes fat is good for you now... well some of it) fresh fruit and veg. Simples, just keep it simple, no fancy diets or juice shakes, no really any need for supplements either, they can cause more harm than good. I know the supermarket said they are good, but have you had a blood test to seeif you actually need what the 'standard over 60' needs?

7. Keep hydrated: Why do over 60's not drink water? Perhaps its a generational thing? Anyway you know its important, but just in case you forgot. Its 2.5L minimum per day. Your going to thank me for it. Keep your body lubricated and ready for action.

If you need help getting started with your health and wellbeing programme talk to our membership success team to see if we can help you in anyway!

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