Navigating the Gap and the Gain

Posted on 14th December 2023

Ben here from Witterings Fitness, and I've been pondering a topic that I believe resonates with many of you – the gap and the gain. This isn't just for those training for HYROX; it's for anyone facing the challenge of letting go of a certain level of performance, whether it's physical or mental.

In my coaching program with Dan Sullivan, we often discuss the concept of the gap – that space where we compare ourselves to something we're not yet, or we look back at a performance level we used to have. It's demotivating and can lead to giving up on ourselves if not recognized.

But fear not; finding yourself in the gap is human nature. The crucial part is taking responsibility once you understand the process. Let me share a personal experience.
I've navigated what's known as the "post IronMan Blues." Completing an Iron Man is a significant achievement, but the aftermath can leave you feeling purposeless. Many rush to sign up for another event, risking burnout. It's a pattern I've seen in various aspects of life – not just fitness.

Now, imagine achieving something impressive externally, but internally you're in the gap. This discrepancy between external praise and internal dissatisfaction is where the gap lurks. This is where the concept of the gap and the gain comes into play.

For those training for high rocks or any significant event, anticipate challenges. Things might not go as planned, and that's okay. The key is in how you respond. Choose to focus on the gains – what did you learn, how did you grow, even if things didn't go perfectly?

So, how do you avoid getting stuck in the gap? Grab a journal and jot down three positive things a day. If you're training for an event, focus your journaling around that. This simple practice shifts your mindset towards positivity.

Positivity is a powerful force. Redefine what achievements mean to you. Is it just about the event, or is it part of a bigger picture for your long-term health and well-being? I, for one, am aiming to live to 150 or even 200 years old. Every decision I make aligns with that long-term goal.

Recognizing you're in the gap is the first step. Don't just blame it on your ego or circumstances. Take action.

Let's navigate the gap and embrace the gain together.

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