The Ultimate Guide to Quitting Smoking

21st December 2023

Hey there, welcome to this blog post dedicated to guiding you through the process of quitting smoking. I'm Ben, and today, we're going to delve into some practical strategies that helped me kick the habit, and I believe they can h ...
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Navigating the Gap and the Gain

14th December 2023

Ben here from Witterings Fitness, and I've been pondering a topic that I believe resonates with many of you – the gap and the gain. This isn't just for those training for HYROX; it's for anyone facing the challenge of letting go o ...
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10 Steps to Eliminating Cravings!

23rd October 2023

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What you need to know about keeping fit over 60..

6th March 2023

Keeping fit over 60 comes with it a couple of additional considerations, BUT it doesn't mean that you cant or shouldn't keep fit! If anything it is more important now than ever. Lets face it, some of our friends and family have ...
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Why WITTFIT Are Doing A 40 Day No Sugar Challenge

16th February 2023

Why is Witterings Fitness running a 40 day No Sugar Charity Challenge for our local community? The nation's escalating obesity crisis and lifestyle diseases like Type-2 Diabetes are putting the NHS under extreme pressure, and re ...
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